Goods with Low quality an example of corruption in Afghanistan

KABUL: (MEP) – Kabul Markets have a lot of poor quality food that have also no name and date, said officials in ministry of commerce and industry.

According to officials, government agencies also have not seriously tried and sellers neglected to the notice and warn of this problem affecting Afghan consumers, Ariana news reported.

Hafizullah Wali, Head Protection of Consumers in the Ministry of Commerce, said, “It is has been 9 months since a commission was created by government and private institutions which includes representatives of the Ministry of Commerce, attorneys, NDS and Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The purpose of this commission is to review the imported goods in the Kabul markets.”

A number of vendors accused government institutions of taking bribes and said, “If there is no corruption in government institutions, why are poor quality goods allowed to be sold in the markets?”

Afghanistan has been an outlet market for poor quality foreign goods during the past 12 years.

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