Ghani: For Transparent Use Of Money, Capacity Building Should Be Considered

8 Nov 2016

MEP: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that taking money is straightforward, however for clear and transparent consumers of money, capacity building should be considered in government offices.

He made the remarks at the third meeting of the National Urban on Monday in the Presidential Palace (ARG).

Sayed Sa’aadat Mansoor Naderi, Secretary of Urban Development and Housing said at the meeting that the Ministry is has been the foremost ministries in the development budget.

According to him, the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing in the past spend 17 percent of its development budget, but in the current fiscal year and the end of the third quarter, has spent 64 percent of the development budget.

Uneven growth, rural to urban migration, the rapid growth of urban population, returning refugees, construction of arbitrary buildings, extreme poverty, lack of housing, lack of compliance with city laws, lack of attention to the environment and lack of urban infrastructure in the country are major urban problems, he added.

Naderi further added, the largest housing projects this year are completed or well underway.

Meanwhile, President Ghani said that part of the city is intersections of cities, that it contains analysis, the policy, and implementation of programs that if correct analysis of work is not done, facilities will be displaced.

According to him, one of the fundamental problems in the urban sector, is lack of the clear policy.

Ghani, stressing that the current administrations does not have money capacity, said that taking the money is easy, but for clarification of the consumption, the capacity building is required.

He pointed to the absence of corruption in the Supreme Economic Council and Procurement Commission, stated that there is corruption in some of the ministries and departments and the ministers and officials should prevent the corrupts, and If they cannot do it; should introduce them in order to chuck them out.

President addressed to the mayor of Kabul, said that tax collection without service makes people frustrated and provides the field of tax evasion.

He urged the Kabul Municipality for tax collection and harmony of the city, supply good services for the people.


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