George Kurdahi: The Media is a Mirror of the Society

George-KurdahiKABUL: (Middle East Press) George Kurdahi, a famous Lebanese presenter and anchor, attended the 8th summit of Islamic Radio TV Union (IRTVU) in the Iran’s capital, Tehran. In the sidelines of the summit, Kurdahi stated that the media is the mirror of the society and what we are is reflected in our media.

George Kurdahi, who has been invited to Tehran to participate in the 8th Summit of IRTVU, mentioned the recent developments in the Middle East and expressed: “the media is not merchandise that can be imported. The media originates from the nations and it’s the mirror of the culture of the represented society. An intelligent, intellectual and open-minded society with a rich culture is reflected in its media. Meanwhile the media of a society full of ignorance, prejudices, hatred and conspiracies represents these features in itself.”

Kurdahi stressed the awakening and awareness of the nations and promoting the culture and said: “we can’t expect the media to have the sole responsibility for awakening the public. People can awaken the media and the media is the mirror of the societies indeed.”

The 8th summit of Islamic Radio TV Union is hold in the Iranian capital Tehran since August 16 for three days with attendance of 220 radio and TV networks from 35 countries.


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