FM Rabbani met Korean AmbassadorKABUL: (MEP) Salahuddin Rabbani, Minister of Foreign Affairs on Sunday afternoon held a meeting with Kim Chong Hoon, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Kabul.

The two officials exchanged views on a number of wide-ranging issues with the main focus on South Korea’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan.

The Korean ambassador said his country will continue to share their experiences with Afghanistan, in particular in the fields of development and economic growth.

“According to wish list of President Ashraf Ghani, in the Korean programs to rural development under the new name of the village and its experiences in reforestation, a group of Korean experts in the forestry sector in the near future will be traveling to Afghanistan to cooperate with Afghan specialists to plan Afghanistan’s reforestation.” He added.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs on his part, thanked and appreciated the valuable cooperation of Korea in the areas of security, health, higher education and capacity development.

He also called the Korean scholarships to Afghan students ‘useful’, especially in the fields of natural sciences and technology.

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