Five Police Officers killed In Taliban Attack on Mes Aynak Outpost

3 Mar 2020

KABUL (MEP) – At least five soldiers were killed after Taliban fighters attacked Mes Aynak security outpost in Logar.

The attack started last night and continued until early Tuesday, March 03, said Head of Logar Provincial Council, Habibullah Stanekzai in an interview with MEP.

The security forces guarding Mes Aynak had no advanced and heavy military equipment, so they failed to resist the Taliban Attack, Stanekzai added. “Five security forces dead in the attack.”

This is declared as the first Taliban attack on the Afghan Security Forces in Logar after the end of violations reduction week, according to the source.

The armed Taliban have not commented so far.

The Taliban, meanwhile, had announced that the group would resume their attacks on Afghan security and military forces after the violations reduction period.

Mes Aynak

Police Officers


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