Explosion shocks for third time Jalalabad city in eastern Afghanistan

KABUL: (MEP) – An explosion has been reported in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. According to reports the blast took place in Jalalabad city, at Chawk-e-Talashi area, khaama reported.

Local officials yet to comment regarding the report and there are no reports regarding the type of explosion and possible casualties.

In the meantime eyewitnesses in the area said at least one Afghan kid was killed and two others were injured following the blast.

The eye-witnesses further added that the incident took place while a vehicle of the Afghan police was crossing the area, but Afghan security forces did not suffer any casualties.

Head of the provincial hospital, Homayoun Zahir also confirmed at three people including a dead body and two others injured were taken to the hospital so far.

This is the third consecutive explosions that take in eastern Jalalabad city of Afghanistan during the past one.

At least 9 people including children were killed and over 20 others were injured after a group of militants including suicide bombers attacked the Indian consulate earlier this week.

The second explosion took place on Sunday which injured at least 16 people including the provincial appeal attorney chief Abdul Qayoum Khan.

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