Exhibition Of Afghan And Iranian’s Children’s Drawings Held

611968KABUL: (MEP) The exhibition of paintings of peace and friendship of students from Iran and Afghanistan, in the province of Khorasan Razavi Torbat-e Jam was held in settlement camps.

The exhibition is in collaboration with the Afghan Consulate in Khorasan Razavi, the General Directorate for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants, Iran’s Ministry of Education and Torbat-e Jam Police, has been held for a week.

“In this exhibition, around 70 paintings from Iran and Afghanistan students under the age of 17 was presented and half of these effects are shown the contribution of each country” Sayed Noorullah Raghi, Consul General of Afghanistan in Khorasan Razavi said.

According to him, Afghanistan has been able to take effective steps in the development of social and cultural structures and will use all available capacities of its refugees in Iran.

The potential capacity of Afghan teenagers and young people who are depicted in art and painting, could help bring stability and peace in Afghanistan, Raghi added.

Settlement camp is located in 5 kilometer to Torbat-e-Jam that more than four million Afghan refugees live in it.

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