Erdogan Urges Palestinian to Ease their Demands for Peace Process

14437759621KABUL: (Middle East Press) A Turkish journalist revealed Erdogan’s remarks in a meeting with Arab representatives of Israeli Parliament. According to this journalist Erdogan said that Palestinians should decrease their demands to achieve peace.

Based on this report, Super News correspondent posted important issues of Erdogan’s remarks in his personal page on social networks, quoting a present representative of the ruling party in the meeting with Arab representatives of the Israeli parliament.

The representative of the AKP party said that in this meeting Arab representatives of Israeli parliament, referring to the Erdogan’s formal and informal relations with Israel, asked Erdogan to urge Israeli officials for sustainable peace.

Erdogan in response to the representatives said: “High demands of the Palestinians turned peace process to a problematic issue. Basically, you cannot impose your demands because you are under pressure from all sides and also you must believe the superiority of Israel. Palestinian factions should not keep track of their unrealistic demands. Otherwise you will not able to live here and must immigrate. Then you have to leave Al-Aqsa Mosque to the Jewish. I repeatedly told Mahmoud Abbas to manage those Palestinian factions who are opposite to peace process in various ways and suggest them not to beat the war drums because Palestine will be the main loser.”


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