Egypt’s Military Warned Sisi of Participation in Military Operations in Yemen

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Egyptian military officials have reflected their serious concerns to President al-Sisi about the consequences of Egypt’s participation in military operation in Yemen.

Staff of the Egyptian army after evaluation and opinion polls from the body of the army specially air and navy forces about Egypt’s participation in Saudi-led military operation on Yemen presented the results of this survey to Sisi.

According to RIA Novosti news agency more than 73 percent of Egyptian officers and bodies of land and air forces do not want to get involved in a Saudi-led military operation on Yemen.

And 11.5% of participants are unsure of positive effects of this operation on Egypt’s security and national interests.

Some retired commanders of the Egyptian army believe Egypt’s participation in military operation in Yemen causing depletion of domestic scene of army and providing it for the movement of al-Qaeda and Daesh in Egypt, especially in desert Sina and it will challenge Egypt’s national security in combating terrorism.

Any decrease in Egyptian military’s ability to control its borders, increase the possibility of terrorist penetration into Egypt and simply conduct their operations.

From Egyptian retired commanders’ point of view Egypt’s participation in military operation in Yemen which is a Muslim and Arab country will cause a rift among people of Egypt with different ideas and Egypt is currently not prepared to deal with more internal strife.

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