Egypt Urges To Import One Million Barrels Of Oil From Iraq

MEP: Cairo asked to run agreement on importing 1 million barrels from Iraq after Saudi government cut crude export to Egypt for its stance toward Syrian crisis.

An informer in Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said his country has asked Iraq to run agreement on importing one million barrels of crude oil from Basra to Cairo for refining.

“It was expected that the agreement will be implemented at the beginning of this year,” the informer requested anonymity, said.

Egypt and Iraq have signed the agreement in March 2016.

Saudi Aramco stopped monthly 700 thousand tons of petroleum products exporting to Egypt in early October. Cairo is now trying to replace it.

The crisis between Egypt and Saudi Arabia started since the Egyptian government supported the Syrian government and stressed the need to combat terrorism in the region.

While Saudi Arabia gives publicly financial, military and political support to armed opposition groups in Syria, who fight against the nation and the government of the country.

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