Economic Woes Turn Israeli Soldiers Into Prostitutes

MEP:  A member of the Israeli parliament, known as the Knesset, has expressed alarm at recent media reports that Israeli soldiers have turned to prostitution in the face of financial problems.

In an op-ed published in the Israeli daily Jerusalem Post on Monday, Michal Rozin described the reports as “a badge of shame” for the Tel Aviv regime.

Her remarks came after a recently-released survey estimated that about 500 Israeli soldiers were involved in prostitution.

Separately, the Elem-Youth in Distress voluntary association reported that 30 percent of young people involved in prostitution were aged 18-22.

Several media reports have revealed shocking evidence of male and female Israeli military personnel engaging in prostitution due to severe economic distress, Rozin said.

“Unfortunately, the situation is acute and we must act to prevent its recurrence and continuity,” she added.

The Israeli lawmaker further noted that some of the Israeli forces have repeatedly requested help, but they have not received any assistance and were thus forced to supplement their income via prostitution to “make ends meet.”

In some cases the Israeli commanders knew that their soldiers were involved in prostitution, but they did not help those in need, she said, adding that a few cases of prostitution took place even inside army bases.

In one case, a soldier turned for help to the women’s affairs adviser in the Israeli army. However, the official had responded that sexual abuse outside the army is outside the army’s purview.

Rozin further said that she had already submitted a request for an urgent discussion on the issue in the parliamentary committee of military affairs in a bid to obtain answers for the continuous neglect of the soldiers by the army.

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