Dr. Abdullah: Criminals and kidnapping cases would be seriously dealt

Dr. Abdullah vows to punish criminals

Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said he has vowed not to cooperate with criminals and kidnapping cases would be seriously dealt.
Addressing a conference on ‘Justice, Good Governance and Sustainable Development’ in Kabul, Dr. Abdullah vows to punish criminals.
There shall be no negligence in dealing with abduction cases, Dr. Abdullah told the Justice, Good Governance and Sustainable Development conference organized by the Attorney General Office.
He added bringing reforms in laws and their equally execution are needed to access justice.
“We will never defend a criminal. We will never recommend one who has committed a crime. We will never allow anyone to defend a criminal,” Dr. Abdullah said.
Confirming there are some serious problems and challenges in laws implementation and ensuring justice in the country, Dr. Abdullah stressed there have positive changes appeared in all sections particularly in jurisdiction after establishment of the National Unity Government.
Kidnappings particularly of businessmen have increased in the capital Kabul amid deteriorating security situation.
Representing private sector, Khan Jan Alokozai while criticizing the government said, the government instead of cooperation with private sector has started competition with establishing balanced chambers. However, the private sector can only widen activities in different fields if the government cooperates with them, he added.
But, Dr. Abdullah stressed that the people life is depended to private sector and it is impossible to handle life without private sectors activity.
Currently, lack of live and financial security are among the challenges the traders and investors are faced with in the country and in some cases have caused capital flight. It is merit to mention that due to insecurity, 70 percent of Afghan investors have invested in foreign countries.
During the conference, Second Vice-President Sarwar Danish said: “Governments have the responsibility of implementing the main targets of the sustainable development, but the role of traders, industrialists and producers is vital to help get access to the targets.”
He said the domestic investors and producers, by strengthening craft and productions, the ground for work and accessibility to welfare would be provided for all and that the executive measures should be laid at the priority of the justice and judicial organs.
He said the government was fully committed to provide the ground for the growth and wide activity of the private sector further than ever, through firm battle against corruption, creation of transparency in the procurements and in the open bidding… establishment of a new-planned administration “Asan Khedmat” or easy service in Afghanistan.

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