Donald Trump: We Should Milk Saudi Arabia As much As Possible, And When The Wealthy Sheikhs Becomes Useless We Shall Abandon The Middle-East

Donald TrumpKABUL: (Middle East Press) The affluent Republican Party presidential candidates Donald Trump, described the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia—U.S. close Arab ally— to a ‘fat, and milky’ cow and added there is no interest for the United States to support Saudi despotic regime and sooner or later a popular uprising will erupt and we must side with that nation’s democratic ambitions.

Mr. Trump said continued that he was “definitely not a big fan” of Saudi Arabia, and that America had paid too much to “back Saudi terrorists up”.

“Well, you know, the primary reason we’re with Saudi Arabia for the time being is because we need the oil. Now we don’t almost need their oil so much, we shall stop support Saudi dictators,” AFP quoted Mr. Trump as saying.

Look, Saudi Arabia is going to be in big trouble pretty soon, added Trump, and they’re going to need help … We get nothing for it and they’re making a billion dollars a day.


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