Divisions Of Yemen; Saudi Arabia’s Last Trick

Saudis crime against YemenMEP: Killing more than 30 school kids in Yemen during airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition shows criminal image of Saudis, again. This disgraceful crime shatters truce agreement in less than a week. Yemen peace talks remain deadlocked.

UNICEF Representative in Yemen says Children have suffered the most in Yemen war. Since March 2015, More than 1,100 children were killed and 1600 children were injured.

Bruce Riedel, Al-Monitor columnist, says Saudi Arabia comes to a “critical point of decision-making” about Yemen. War has cost a lot for Saudi Arabia, which has the third-largest military budget.

Fueling the conflict is a considered option but bothersome for Saudi Arabia’s international position particularly in conducting the war.

Riedel says some Saudi analyzers announce that Yemen might be divided by Saudi Arabia into two pieces. Northern part would remain in the hands of Houthis. Southern part of Yemen, controlled by Saudi-backed government, would form and become a member of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council. In this scenario, Saudi would take control of Bab el-Mandeb Strait, indirectly.

Bruce Riedel
Bruce Riedel

Bruce Riedel also expresses another alternative; as with king Salman’s holiday, a prolonged sojourn in Morocco that may be related to his health, Saudi Arabia might disassemble Yemen situation more than ever. The decision on the future of Yemen would be postponed.

Riyadh refuses to accept any transitional government in Yemen.

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