Detention of three kidnappers from Kabul and Nangarhar

14 Apr 2019

A group of three kidnappers was arrested by the Afghan Ministry of Interior’s Criminal Justice Police from Kabul and Nangarhar provinces.

According to Middle East Press; the MoIA today (Sunday, April 14) releasing a newsletter announced; Criminal Justice Officers of the ministry have captured three of the most famous and dangerous kidnappers who wanted to kidnap a person.

The newsletter says the head of this group is Hashmatullah, a kidnapper and a resident of the ‘Hood Khel’ district of Kabul, and has been involved in several cases, including robbery and kidnapping, who was arrested in a special operation from the ‘Hood Khel’ area of Kabul PD9.

Based on this newsletter, the police simultaneously identified and arrested two other members of the group who were involved in the planned kidnapping in Jalalabad.




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