Desist Of Turkey Of Supporting The People Of Gaza

n_72821_1KABUL: (Middle East Press) The Turkish Sabah daily’s website reported that a delegation from the Economic Policy Research Center of Turkey, led by Gvvn sack the head of the center to discuss the creation of an industrial zone in the occupied West Bank of Jordan river have traveled to Tel Aviv.

According to the Turkish delegation at the meeting with the right-wing Likud party of “ayub qara” head of regional cooperation inspected on ways to create an industrial zone near Jenin by investment in Turkey and Israeli America and Europe support.

Since the incident Marmara ship in 2010, Turkey bodies has always were traveling hidden to the occupied territories. In this regard, Turkey and Israel two weeks ago, talks about the current political tension was held.

These interactions and negotiations comes as Erdogan’s government introduced his greatest supporter of the Palestinian people in Gaza. But in recent months several meetings have been held in order to normalize relations between Turkey and child-killing regime of Israel.


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