DABS and ANSA signed Cooperation agreement

KABUL: (MEP) – As part of their efforts in expanding their services to the public, Da Afghanistan Breshan Sherkat (DABS), Afghanistan’s national power utility, has signed a cooperation pact with the Afghan National Standards Authority (ANSA).

The two parties have agreed on the following:

1. Increasing effective working relationships between DABS and ANSA

2. Committing to proper implementation of national standards and technical regulations in the energy sector

3. Collaborating to reduce wastage that arises from non-compliance with national standards and to win consumers’ trust by achieving quality, safety and effectiveness in services offered to the consumers in the energy sector

This comes amid concerns about lack of standardization in the Afghan market.

In June of this year, the Ministry of Energy and Water and ANSA signed a memorandum of understanding calling for mutual cooperation in national electrical standardization process. The step was advised by the Afghan-German Cooperation under the umbrella of the Afghanistan Energy Program.

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