Czechoslovakia to Send 66 Troops in Afghanistan

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Slovak government announced on Wednesday that the their government is sending 66 troops to NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) mission in Afghanistan, expected to start next year.

Slovak’s government decision must be agreed by the parliament before the troops join the mission.

Slovak officials said the team will include soldiers from the special task forces, health care staff and communication specialists with Part of the dependent going to be based in the operation command centre, while others will supply logistical support for the mission and train Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

According to defense ministry of Slovakia, their government will spend 10.4 million Euros on the new mission next year.

The NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) mission expected to start next year will focus generally on training and supporting ANSF with some 13, 000 foreign forces.

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