KABUL: (Middle East Press) After Saudi strike in Yemen defeated and Saudi Arabia failed to achieve the desired result, widespread protests took place in Saudi Arabia to this imprudent and hasty action, the most of the protests was due to Mohammed bin Salman’s actions, young Saudi Defense Minister who was the mastermind of the action at the beginning of his responsibility by abusing Saudi king’s health problems.

This time also Mohammed bin Salman abused king’s illness that is said he suffers from severe Alzheimer’s disease and began to settle accounts with his opponents and with his last month’s actions especially unsuccessful war against Yemen could provide the conditions to his own monarchy and also get a unit cabinet with Saudi king’s agreement.

He drove his opponents to the edge in this coup and he is going to grab the monarchy from uncles and cousins.

Mohammed bin Salman  in order to achieve America and the West’s agreement to the changes invests intellectually on the future of  the descendants of the king and the people who have been educated in America and the United States and this action is consented the West.

Mohammed bin Nayef is one of the elements in accordance with America and executive of the West’s policies in the Middle East that most experts believe that these changes lead to new problems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that all these changes ends to his interest and America agrees with expansion of his power even democratic or changing the form of monarchy in Saudi Arabia

  1. Increase internal disagreements and tensions between the leaders of Saudi Arabia
  2. Weakened sovereignty
  3. The continuation of the politics of war in Muslim countries
  4. The old settlement on the pretext of opposition to the king are upcoming events in Saudi Arabia.


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