Coordination of Turkey and Saudi Arabia to Send Contaminated Drugs to Yemen

KABUL: (Middle East Press) After Saudi government’s opposition and prevention from reaching pharmaceutical and food aid to the people of Yemen, faced condemning of the international and supporting organizations and world public opinion and Islamic countries, Mehmet muezzin Oghlu Minister of Health of Turkey, head of the International Red Cross Peter Maurer and Khalid bin Abdul Aziz al-Falih, the Saudi health minister talked in a telephone conversation.

In this telephone conversation each of them emphasized that cannot be responsive to the world public opinion and resist the pressure from international and supporting organizations.

They also said that Saudi government should break the blockade of food and pharmaceutical supplies to Yemen, and should do something about it before the Iranian government finds a way to send aid to Yemen, and the line of communication should be established in full control and under supervision to decrease international pressure, so Turkey which seeks to take an active role in the crisis region, has accepted the task of coordinating humanitarian aid to Yemen.

It is said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who had traveled to Tehran for modifying Iran’s view toward supporting Yemenis, after meeting with Iranian officials and ensured Iranian will not give up supporting Yemenis and because he wants to restore relations with Iran which was strained from the beginning of Syria crisis and he is going to make himself close to Tehran in a suitable situation, he is going to play the role of communication bridge between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There is a period that fluctuations in the US dollar and inflation and monetary growth in Turkey have created the pressure to defeat the economic policies of the government and people’s frustration of the pro-government party and Erdogan so Turkish government is looking for ways to get rid of economic difficulties.

Turkey is seeking besides receiving Saudi dollars; also enhance the volume of economic exchanges with Tehran and to gain Iranian officials’ agreement to re-opening of tourist trips from Iran to Turkey which is a good economic opportunity.

In addition to Turkey’s competition with Iran and its need for restoring peaceful face of its government that has already sent the aid ship Mavi Marmara to Palestine to break the Gaza blockade and with sending food and pharmaceutical supplies tried to play a supportive role of Resistance Front, in the past few years changed its face to a pro-terrorist movements such as Daesh, Front al-Nosra and free Syrian fighters is the other reason for Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision.

Iranian government in the past six months has sent several shipments of food and medicine to Sanaa to help people of Yemen however, recently two Iranian cargo planes carrying medical aid and foodstuff for crisis-hit people in Yemen have been forced to return as Riyadh pushes ahead with its deadly airstrikes against the Arab state. Although head of the Iranian Red Crescent has announced that Iran has sent three Pharmaceutical shipments through Oman, it is saying that some ships preparing to carry Pharmaceutical aid through the sea to the port of Aden in Yemen to break the blockade.

Yemeni people should be more careful than ever to receive pharmaceutical and food aid sent by the West and Turkey that are state sponsors of terrorism and Daesh because they may send contaminated drugs with other aid shipments that is done in coordination with Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and those governments support the war intend to destroy the potential of resistant people of Yemen by making them ill and creating them further problems for long years. This is the program that has been done by so-called aid organizations several times on the Muslim oppressed people.

AIDS, hepatitis, Ebola and many other diseases of the blood and risk of cancer types could place in pharmaceutical and food aid by enemies of the people of Yemen.



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