Clashes Between ISIL And Taliban Groups Displace Hundreds Of Families

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Heavy clashes erupted in eastern Nangarhar province between the two terrorist groups ISIL and Taliban as results hundreds of families have been displaced in the province.

Some of the families have been displaced in Bati Kot district and some are arrived at the provincial capital city of Jalalabad after clashes between the two insurgent groups, Ahmad Zia Abduzai, Provincial Governor Spokesman said.

Abduzai added that the families need urgent assistance and are in horrible need of first aid.

Both the insurgent groups have killed dozens of each other’s fighters during these clashes. They have announced “Jihad” against each other.

Former president Hamid Karzai has recently expressed concerns over the increase of ISIL militants in Afghanistan, blaming their expansion into Afghanistan on foreign support.

The two sides have fought in a number of provinces but the most deadly clashes erupted in eastern Nangarhar province recently.

The clashes are reported to be still continued in the province.


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