Chief Commercial Officer of Salaam Co Killed in an Explosion in Kabul

8 Aug 2019

A magnetic mine explosion in the fifth police district (PD5) of Kabul killed Salaam Telecommunication Company business chief and wounded his bodyguard.

The incident happened last night in the PD5 of Kabul hitting the vehicle of Qassim Taj, the commercial head of Salam Telecommunications Company, Kabul police spokesman Ferdows Faramarz told Middle East Press.

Mr Taj was killed and his bodyguard wounded after the incident, said Faramarz.

The Ministry of Telecommunications also issued a newsletter confirming the death of Salam’s commercial chief officer.

The newsletter quoted Mr. Hashemi as saying: “The explosion of a magnetic mine on the vehicle of Qassim Taj, the business chief of Salam Telecommunication Company, was brutal and ruthless.” The enemies of the Afghan people must know that such incidents cannot hinder the efforts of the children of this land, even though such incidents cost them their lives.” The event takes place as Kabul was the witness of its bloodiest times during the past 24 hours. And it was the first time that Kabul citizens experienced such an event in the past month.

The armed Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident and said a blast occurred on a government vehicle in the fifth police district of Kabul.

Commercial Chief of Salaam Telecommunication Company dies in Kabul, while yesterday Taliban claimed responsibility of a massive and deadly explosion that rocked PD6 of Kabul.




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