CEO Abdullah Meets Seniors Over Kabul Security

MEP: A number of elders of the people in capital Kabul during a meeting with Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and officials of security agencies in Kabul, demanded the government to pay more attention to security in the city.

The conference was held on Tuesday afternoon with security officials and dignitaries of Kabul where they spoke about the security situation in the capital.

The elders, while appreciating the efforts of the officials and personnel of security institutions of the country, called on the government to pay more consideration in the security of Kabul and other provinces.

The officials of security agencies meanwhile described the current security situation of the city as the ‘circadian efforts of security personnel army, police and national security and multilateral cooperation of people.’

The officials also emphasized that officials and security forces will do the utmost efforts to provide security in the country, especially the capital and conspiracies of the enemies will fail in all areas.

In the meantime, CEO Abdullah praised and hailed the country’s security forces combat in defending the territorial integrity and the lives and property of the people, the overall support of people of the government and armed forces and called it as the greatest success against the conspiracies of the enemies of Afghanistan.

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