Celebration Of Nowroz In Mazar-e Sharif Held Well

015816055_40100KABUL: (MEP) Nowroz celebrations and the beginning of 1395 year on Sunday in the presence of senior government officials at the Sakhi shrine attributed to Imam Ali (AS) was thriving held in Mazar-e-Sharif in the north.

The ceremony was attended by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah, Atta Mohammad Noor Governor of Balkh province, a number of security officials, commander of NATO, the Afghan Clergymen and thousands of people.

Atta Muhammad Noor congratulated the New Year to all of the people of Afghanistan and the Islamic world during the event.

He thanked the people and security officials on coordination and cooperation with the government.

He also referred to the work done in the construction of roads, schools, public buildings, stadiums, institutes said that economic projects in the province in the past year has been a very important and valuable.

Also, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the National Unity Government at the ceremony, congratulated the Afghan New Year to all of the public.

Chief Executive said “Nowruz is a historical principle in our country, and I hope that the year ahead will be a year of joy for people.”

He said in the past year, the nation witnessed major achievements and challenges of security, migrataion of youths out of the country, dozens of security forces lost their lives batteling the enemies of the country and the Islamic State terrorist groups have emerged in all corners of the country and the people of Afghanistan against they stood up to fight.

He added that people must learn of Imam Ali (AS) championship.

At the end of the ceremony, the master jumper pious of Hazrat Ali (AS) was raised in the courtyard of the holy shrine.

It’s noteworthy that millions of people in Afghanistan, Iran and several other countries are celebrating the Persian New Year or Nowroz, which marks the advent of spring.

In harmony with the rebirth of nature, the Nowroz festivities always begin on the first day of spring, which has fallen on March 20 this year.

The celebrations include specific rituals. Preparations for the New Year begin weeks ahead of the year-end, when people clean their homes and buy new clothes. Markets are filled with people who come out to buy Nowroz decorations.

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