Cameron Urges Saudis To Spare AlNimr, But Is Silent On Death Row Bahrainis

2CE7748F00000578-3253285-image-m-29_1443612518869KABUL: (Middle East Press) The Muslim World still awaits to know the fate of their loved ones who perished last month in Mecca “stampede”. The Saudis have remained secretive about what had happened on that fateful day, Thursday 24th September. Many accuse the Saudis of criminal activity that led to the death of more than 2000 people. The Saudis put the number of victims at around 800, while the total count of the declared number of victims of each country amounts to more than 2000. There are now calls for the pilgrimage to be placed under pan-Islamic management after a long series of fatal accidents causing the deaths of thousands of pilgrims. The Saudis are becoming under increasing scrutiny and criticism for their criminal policies on several fronts. For the first time in recent history, UK’s Prime Minister has called on the Saudis to spare the life of Ali Mohammad AlNImr, a Saudi teenage boy condemned to death by Saudi courts for taking part in anti-regime protests two years ago. Jeremy Corby, the Labour Party Leader, had urged Mr. Cameron to intercede with the Saudis who have one of the most appalling human rights record in the world. Criticism has also been directed to UK for colluding with the Saudis to gain a seat at the UN Human Rights Council. There is unanimous verdict that this had eroded the credibility of the Council because the Saudis are the worst offenders of human rights. Anger and disappointment have been expressed by many international NGOs after the Human Rights Council last week failed to agree on sending a fact-finding mission to Yemen to assess the extent of the Saudi war crimes. This happened after the Saudis were granted a seat at an important panel that decides the human rights agenda of the World.

A native Bahraini, Ibrahim Karimi, has been detained and subjected to severe torture for condemning the Saudi actions during Pilgrimage to Meccas last month. More than 2000 were killed in what the authorities called a “stampede” the cause of which remains a mystery. Last year his nationality was revoked by Bahrain’s dictator. Two weeks ago four youths were snatched from their homes to secret prisons. Ahmad Abul Qassim and his brother, Hussain, Mohammad Fakhrawi and his brother, Ali, were arrested for no significant reason. The two Fakhrawi brothers are the nephews of Martyr Karim Fakhrawi who was tortured to death in April 2011. He was cited by the BICI report as one of those killed by what it called “systematic torture” implemented by Dictator Hamad AlKhalifa and his clique. The regime has been systematically rounding up witnesses of its crimes in order to whitewash the torturers. From Wadyan Town Mohammad Jassim Abu Sa’ada was arrested by masked members of the Alkhalifa Death Squads. In the week between 28th September and 4th October, at least 16 Bahrainis were detained by regime’s notorious security forces, according to the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights.

Yesterday the Appeal court upheld the 15 years sentence on a young native Bahraini. Mohammad Al Mahasna is the main witness in the brutal killing by regime’s forces of Fadhel Al Matrook on the second day of the 14th February Revolution. It is widely known that persecuting Mr Mahasna is to ensure no witness to the crime can testify against the dictator and his henchmen. Upon hearing the verdict, the victim said: Confirming the sentence against me is not worth a drop of the martyr’s blood. He shouted defiantly: Victory is near. Another persecuted native Bahrani young man is Ilyas Al Mulla, also sentenced to 15 years of which he has already spent four. He is now riddled with Cancer and his health is rapidly deteriorating. Yesterday, Alkhalifa court refused to release him. Families of ten Bahrainis sentenced to death are appealing to the world to spare their lives. UK’s PM, David Cameron is urged to intercede.

On Sunday, 4th October, Alkhalifa court sentenced a native Bahrani woman to six months in jail for a trumpeted charge of assaulting a police officer at the notorious Jaw Prison. Umm Jamil is mother of a prisoner and aunt of another. Her brother is one of the martyrs. There are several women behind bars for opposing the hereditary dictatorship. Last week Alkhalifa courts sentenced 21 youths from Duraz Town to jail terms of 3 and 10 years for taking part in anti-regime protests. From AlMaqsha Town five native Bahrainis were given 10 years jail sentences for their peaceful protests.

On the International Teachers Day on Monday 5th October, calls were made for the release of Bahraini teachers jailed for their peaceful anti-regime protests. The most prominent of them is Mahdi Abu Deeb, the President of the Teachers Union who was sentenced by British-backed Alkhalifa dictatorship to five years. There are now ten teachers behind bars and many more unable to work since their dismissal by Alkhalifa four years ago. The new academic year started with 300 students missing their school term while languishing behind bars.


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