BSA shouldn’t be victim of political conflicts: USCC

KABUL: (MEP) – The political conflicts should not prevent signing of the security agreement between Kabul and Washington, urged the US chairman of Chamber of Commerce.

The former American lawmaker stated that the Afghans would suffer more loss than America and its allies if the security agreement not signed.

In an interview with Ariana TV reporter in Washington D.C., he said failure to sign the security agreement would be detrimental to the Afghan forces and their donor countries.

“The people of Afghanistan agree with it. They want to retain strong ties with America. We also want the same. I think political conflicts should not prevent signing of the treaty. It’s not something that a person wants to reject it and ignore the facts. The agreement will be signed because the people of both the sides demand it.”

Calling the upcoming elections vital for the Afghans, he said in the elections the Afghan people would show their confidence to the world countries, Ariana news reported.

“I am optimistic that everything will be OK. Credible elections are ahead with strong candidates. I think the election will be credible and it will show the world countries that Afghanistan is moving towards a right direction.”

The security agreement between Kabul and Washington is yet to be signed following President Hamid Karzai’s stance of stop of night raids by the American forces.

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