British Soldiers Confess Killing Afghan Children and Adolescents

6 Feb 2019

A number of British soldiers confessed to killing Afghan and Iraqi children and adolescents during the war.

According to Middle East Press; Middle East Eye has reported that some British soldiers in a recent interview said that during their duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, children and adolescents in the countries have been killed due to their shots.

They confessed in the interview that while their presence in Afghanistan, they were allowed to shoot at suspect guys or people with mobile phones, shovels and other devices, because they were not able to make a distinction between innocent and suspect individuals.

Adding to this; they said that in several cases, they have shot and killed children and teenagers while interrogating residents of the region.

“I have repeatedly seen the murder of old men and teens in Afghanistan. Even, once one of my soldier killed an eight-year-old boy in front of his father`s eyes, who was burying his another son,” said a British naval officer whose identity is unclear.

Meanwhile, when US presented Afghanistan and Iraq, Britain sent some soldiers to collaborate US troops.

Afghan children

British Soldiers


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