Border Police pays the cost of Government’s Ignorance in “Wardoj” District

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Security officials in Badakhshan say, the Taliban militants have launched coordinated attacks on several check posts of the security forces in the “Wardoj” district of this province.

Rahmatullah Dildar, battalion commander of 6th border of Badakhshan province said to the Middle East Press Agency on a phone call conversation that the Taliban militants have attacked on several check posts of the security forces in which they have brutally taken out at least 20 members of the afghan forces’ brains and have taken nearly 130 others along.

According to Dildar, the soldiers’ faith is still unknown.

“We have been calling to the interior ministry officials several times since yesterday to refer jet fighters in case to beat the enemies but the government had refused to help or to react regarding to our requirement” said border chief of Wardoj district.

This is while police task is to maintain all the borders of the country but the forces with all courage have stood against the militants and are paying the costs of the government’s neglect and carelessness.

There were some casualties on the insurgents as well following the conflict.

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