Bloody Sunday: Syrian Opposition Celebrates Terrorist Attack In Sayyidah Zaynab Of Damascus

25 Feb 2016

56ae365d2d902KABUL: (MEP) Damascus witnessed yet another bloody day this week as four blasts hit al-Tin Street near the Sayyidah Zaynab shrine, a Damascus southern district.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights –close to radical rebels– finally had to report the killing of 62 and wounding scores of Syrian civilians in Sunday’s suicide attacks. In the war-scarred city of Homs, two car bombings ripped through al-Zahra neighborhood, resulting in great number of deaths among innocent civilians. Syrian media put the death toll and causalities over 300.

In this regard, ISIS internet activists hailed Sunday attacks as a “divine victory”, promising further deadly strikes and calling for the murder of all pro-government “infidels”. Elsewhere, in the rebel-held city of al-Raqqah, ISIS members had distributed sweets in the city in the aftermath of the terrorist operations and forced residents to give interviews in support of the heinous attacks.

Aljazeera and Al Arabiya news channels implicitly praised Sunday’s terrorist attacks by unusually allocating news coverage and broadcasting ISIS’ statement claiming responsibly for the Damascus terror attack. During Syria’s five-year crisis, Qatari and Saudi-owned news channels sought to vilify pro-government sympathizers and play down the atrocities committed against them.

Earlier, Ahmed Zidan, Aljazeera’s correspondent who earned the epithet “al-Qaeda spokesman”, extolled ISIS terrorists when a deadly suicide attack struck Beirut’s residential area of Borj al-Barajneh.


Sayyidah Zaynab

Syrian Opposition

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