Bennett To Lapid: If You Do Not Help, At Least Not Disturb

ShowImageKABUL: (Middle East Press) Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett interview with Haaretz news website on Monday criticized from Yair Lapid, the chairman of his party Atyd, because his statements against the government in foreign policy and request the formation of an investigation committee on Netanyahu foreign policy, on the issue of sanctions Europe Union against Israel.

He said that every soldier knows that in time of war, not research. If you do not want help on the eve of Netanyahu’s trip to Britain, at least do not bother with excuses unfounded criticism by the opposition and European boycotters. Bennett said the Europe Union sanctions peak of political illusion.

They are seeking to establish friendly relations with Iran and have violated the interests of the Israeli government.

He pointed out that in these difficult circumstances, should not divided the coalition and the opposition. When you speak Hebrew and criticized, the world can you translate words.

I’m waiting for politicians to be accountable on such days; He said Netanyahu’s trip to Britain is very important to us than the thousands in Britain are calling for the trial of Netanyahu, in Israel there are stupid that are like them but they cannot serious obstacle to relations between Israel and Europe.


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