Azerbaijani Government’s Assistance to Jewish Lobby in America and Israel

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Radio Free Europe on Azerbaijan government’s communication and collaboration with the Jewish lobby in America announced that the Azerbaijani government pays regularly to American Jewish groups to restore the position of Azerbaijan in America’s decisions.

This action is called Lobbying in the United States by Jewish.

Azerbaijani government does not conceal its confidence to the Jewish lobby in America and it was Jewish groups in America that could convince American lawmakers to lift sanctions on Baku.

Recently, the activities of the Jewish lobby in America is developing and strengthening in favor of the Azerbaijani government.

The Podesta Group carries out public relations work for the government of Azerbaijan for a monthly fee of USD 60,000 plus expenses. Some American newspapers published articles and have introduced the Azerbaijani government’s treatment toward Jews living in the country as an example for other European countries and expect other countries to spend of their financial resources to strengthen the position of Jews in America rather than their own people that are needier.

In addition, a number of US politicians have described Azerbaijani government’s treatment toward Jews very well in their statements and has introduced Azerbaijan as an example to the Muslim world.

According to this report, 9,000 Jews live in Azerbaijan. However, Israeli sources have declared that 300,000 Jews live in Azerbaijan.


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