Autopsy on Afghan’s Body finds cocaine pods in stomach

KABUL: (MEP) – He came to Delhi from Afghanistan on October 9 to visit a friend. A day after his arrival, he died, under mysterious circumstances. His friend took the body to AIIMS for embalming, left it there and never returned. The body lay there unclaimed for over 10 days. Police were perplexed as to why someone would leave a friend’s body at the mortuary and disappear — until a post-mortem examination revealed a shocking fact, the Indian express reported.

On dissecting the stomach, doctors were shocked to find over hundred toffee-shaped capsules filled with cocaine, worth Rs 1 crore. The cause of death — drug overdose. “One of the capsules ruptured inside the stomach and the cocaine leaked into his system. He died of drug overdose,” a police officer said.

Police said Niaz Mohammad (32) reached Delhi on October 9 and went straight to his friend, Ishattullah, staying in Kasturba Niketan, Lajpat Nagar. A day later, Niaz died. Ishatullah took his body to AIIMS for embalming. But, at the hospital he was told that they could not embalm the body without an autopsy, unless he got an NOC from police.

“Ishatullah came to us on October 11 seeking a no objection certificate. He told us that his friend from Afghanistan had died and he had taken the body to AIIMS for embalming so that it could be taken back to Kabul. Hospital authorities told him that they needed to perform an autopsy first, or else he should get an NOC from police,” the officer said.

Ishatullah requested police to give him an NOC certifying that Niaz had died a natural death. He tried convincing police that dissecting the body was considered a bad omen in their community and that Niaz’s family members will not accept the body if an autopsy was conducted on it. Police refused to give him an NOC. “Ishatullah never returned,” the officer said.

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