Austerity Protests In The Central Streets Of Cairo

MEP: On Friday, The central streets of Cairo that usually is not crowded were different by the presence of riot police and armored vehicles, on the eve of the Egyptians protest against the dire economic conditions in the country.

A little-known group calling itself Movement of “the Poor” called in recent months for Egyptians to protest on Nov. 11 against rising prices and deepening austerity.

Reuters reported from Cairo, The calls had been made since August, but gained traction on social media last week after Egypt raised fuel prices and floated its currency. The move welcomed by bankers but bemoaned by ordinary people as the latest blow to their diminishing spending power in a country that relies on imports.

Cairo’s Tahrir Square was empty save for armored vehicles equipped with tear gas canister launchers, dozens of riot policeman and high-ranking officers. Authorities shut down the Sadat metro station to prevent protesters from reaching the square famed for its political protests.

There was a similarly heavy security presence in other areas of Cairo, such as the Shubra district, and other major cities across the country including Alexandria, Suez, and Minya.

The Muslim Brotherhood That its activity was banned in the country has announced its support for the Friday protests.


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