Attack killed six in eastern Afghanistan

KABUL: (MEP) – The brother of Spera district chief was killed along with five other people in the eastern Afghan province of Khost on Sunday morning, said an official, Xinhua reported.

“Militants launched an attack on the house of Spera administrative chief Mohammad Azam in Ismahil Khil district, killing his brother Mohammad Khalil,” administrative chief of Ismahil Khil district, Younus Zadran, told Xinhua.

He said five bodyguards of Mohammad Azam were also killed in the incident. However, Azam escaped the attack unhurt.

Following the attack which took place at around 7:00 a.m. local time, a pursuit operation was launched against the fleeing rebels, the official added.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Recently, Afghan officials and pro-government figures have been targeted as the Taliban insurgents intensified activities against government interest across the country.

On Wednesday, Ahmad Wali Tahiri, the brother of Afghan National Security Advisor Rangin Dadfar Spant, was killed in a drive-by shooting in western Herat province. He was a district prosecutor there.

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