Asiana Airlines Overran Runaway, Injured 23 in Japan

KABUL: (Middle East Press) At least over 23 passengers have been reportedly injured after an Asiana Airlines from South Korea overran a runway in Japan’s Hiroshima airport.

The 74 passengers and seven crew members used emergency chutes to evacuate the Airbus 320 in the incident late on Tuesday.

23 people received minor injuries when the Asiana Airlines Flight OZ162 went off the runway while landing.

Air safety authorities in Japan are investigating how this incident does occurred while the main cause is still unknown.

According to Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, NHK, aviation authorities closed down the Hiroshima Airport following the incident.

Transport ministry officials said a plane wheel may have clipped a radio facility near the runway on landing.

An aviation safety official told AFP news agency that the left side of the plane’s tail was damaged and the country’s transport safety board was investigating.

Back in July 2013 three passengers were killed when Asiana Flight 214 crash-landed in San Francisco.


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