Asadullah Group, New Killer Of Kurdish Nation

KABUL: (MEP) In a Tweet on his personal page, an analyst and expert on affairs of Turkey, revealed the true identity of Asadullah group that has recently showed up in the Kurdish regions of Turkey.

According to 7 Sabah Turkey website, Ozcan Turkan analyst and expert on affairs of Turkey, also known as the magician among journalists and regional analysts because of his hidden connections with influential figures and political circles in the region, wrote an article not long ago titled the new killer Kurds in Turkey where he claimed the Turkish intelligence service is looking for ways to suppress Kurds.

In his new paper new version of ISIS or killers of the Kurds, he has written one of MIT’s most brilliant plans in Turkey is creating a new Isis against the Kurds of the area; if MIT can persuade a new group of Islamic extremists and support them, they can bring Kurds to their knees.

Quoting a senior MIT officer in his paper, the Turkish expert has written the master key is scaring away, killing and plundering. Every rebellion is wild until they see no wilder rebellion. The opponent must believe you have more power and if they see you shed more blood they will retreat.

Ozcan presents the above analysis based on accusations raised by several MIT officers pointing to the official position of Turkish security authorities who believe protesting Kurds are doing wrong more than they are allowed and mean to build their own home in Ottoman Turkey. They must be suppressed at all costs, and we’ll do it even if it requires the help of Isis.

Asadullah that has recently showed up is a militant group with Sunni Islamist and nationalist policy with no clear identity of members. But according to available evidences and their presence among government forces and the Turkish army we can guess this is the group organized but the Turkish intelligence service recruiting and organizing certain elements of ISIS.

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