ANP Special Forces Killed ‘Qalandar’

4 Dec 2019

Wazir, a well-known head a gang, was killed along with four of his men in Jabal-Saraj district of Parwan province.

ANP Special Forces Tuesday night launched a targeted operation in Jabal-Saraj, Parwan and clashed with ‘Wazir Qalandar.’

Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said in a post on Facebook that ANP Special forces launched a massive operation in Jabal-Saraj in Parwan, during which ‘Wazir’ clashed with security forces resulting in he and four of his men were killed.

He said a gang belonging to Wazir Qalandar was accused of killing several people and armed robbery in Parwan and Kabul and also played a key role in colluding with the Taliban in terrorist attacks in Parwan province.



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