Analysts: BSA helpful to prevent foreign interference

KABUL: (MEP) – A number of Afghan political analysts believe the signing of Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Kabul and Washington will help stop neighboring countries from interfering into Afghanistan affairs.

These statements are expressed as the consultative meeting of Loya Jirga was kicked off Thursday to debate on the security accord between Afghanistan and US.

Believing BSA is in Afghanistan interest, the analysts hoped the security treaty would prevent foreign interference in Afghanistan, Ariana news reported.

The analysts, however, emphasize that the efforts should be focused on realization of the agreement.

“I am optimistic about this agreement. I hope this will prevent the foreign interference in Afghanistan. But the most important point is the realization of the agreement,” analyst Ahmad Saeedi told Ariana TV.

Another analyst, Ghafoor Ahmad Javed stated, “This agreement is helpful to us since we are facing deep problems from our two neighboring countries. One of them sends us suicide bombers while the other neighbor impedes the development projects in our country. They want Afghanistan to come under their control. Anyhow, we can have a good benefit of this agreement if we own a good government.”

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