America’s Betrayal Of Jordan And Its Involvement In The Murder Of Jordanian Pilot

KABUL: (Middle East Press) An Emirati retired security officer talked about real reasons of the fall of the Jordanian fighter in a private ceremony quoted Russian TV channel 1.

Following the fall of Jordanian fighter, the Commander of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, Major General Pilot Mansour Jabour, reported that the of falling Jordanian fighter was due to the Emirati fighter plane’s fire.

Following the accusation Emirates called its squadron from Jordan for two weeks to be questioned by Operations Center and it was found that the charge was inaccurate and it turned out that another Jordanian pilot named Mazen Mardini fired Moazal-Kasasbeh’s fighter in accordance with the instructions of the American commander squadron.

Pilot Mazin Mardini had a direct relation with the United stated and currently he is in Jordan’s prison but America put Jordan under pressure and wanted to transfer him to the United States to be tried there.

The goal of American of this action was supporting Daesh and preventing ISIS’s weakness.

The Emirati officer also added that Jordanian pilot was in waters for more than three hours after crashing his fighter and there was possibility to save him by Turks and Americans but the main reason behind the lack of rescue and fall was creating negative publicity for Jordan in order to Jordan’s public participation in the war with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Daesh.

Increased internal challenges and changes in the political situation in Jordan are among Zionist and Saudi goals in Jordan, issues that Saudi Arabia and America wanted to achieve through burning the Jordanian pilot and Jordan opposed it over the past years despite its strategic ties with Israel.


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