Americans Made Incorrect Statement about Race Relations

KABUL: (Middle East Press) African-American political commentator Wilmer Leon says people in the United States made an “incorrect statement” that President Barack Obama can develop race relations in the country.

Leon said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday that Americans made a mistake that Obama’s 2008 election signals an improvement in terms of race relations.

“One of the huge mistakes that has been made for a very long time that the success of a few indicates the success of the whole and that’s just not the case in this country,” he said.

The remarks were made after a new poll found out that only 20 percent of American voters said race relations have improved since Obama took office six years ago.

The NBC News national exit poll asked voters in 2008 how they thought race relations in the US would fare in the next few years.

Forty-seven percent of the respondents said they thought race relations would get better, 34 percent thought they would stay about the same and 15 percent expected them to deteriorate.

The 2014 poll, however, found that 38 percent say things have gotten worse and 40 percent see pretty much no change.

The 2008 poll also showed that 59 percent of African-American voters expected race relations to get better.

This year’s survey said 19 percent of black voters feel the country has made progress, while 43 percent say things have gotten worse.

The US has been the scene of protests after a white police officer killed African-American teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August.

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