American Troops Based in Syria Fled to Iraq

14 Apr 2019

Syrian media reported that US troops positioned in the province of Al-Raqa have fled to the Iraqi borders.

According to the Middle East Press International News;
“Watan Online” has reported that three months after US`s decision on Withdrawal of its troops from Syria, and fall of Daesh in the country; a US military convoy went to the Iraqi border today.

Meanwhile, Turkish media have reported that a caravan of armored vehicles, including Special Forces that had traveled from several Turkish provinces to Syria, now has placed in the ‘Hatay’ province in the country.

Syria and Iraq are two countries where the United States had a strong presence and sought to eliminate terrorism with great expense.

But the question is, as for announcement of removal of ISIL from Iraq and Syria, why US troops did not go home and escaped to Iraq?

Why given the announcement that ISIL has been destroyed in Iraq and Syria, why did US forces escape to Iraq and why they did not return to their country?

American Troops



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