American Model Claims Former Afghan Defense Minister’s Son Raped Her

An American model alleges she was sexually assaulted by the son of a former Afghan defense minister.

The claim was published today (Sunday, July 21) by Daily Mail, in which, Sarah Goolden, accused son of a defense minister in Karai`s cabinet, Hamed Wardak of sexually assaulting her.

American model Sarah Goolden, 29, has accused Hamed Wardak of attacking her twice during a trip that the pair two took to Miami on Independence Day weekend 2018, and she has filed a lawsuit against him in Manhattan Federal Court.

Goolden has filed a lawsuit against him in Manhattan Federal Court, in which she alleges Wardak told her afterwards: ‘You’re just a little blonde model. Who will believe you?’

“I had met Wardak in Georgetown University around ten years ago,” Goolden stated.

Goolden told the New York Post: “He bought me gifts during college days. Of course, he always told me there were no strings attached. He uses his money as a tool to influence almost everybody in his life, and even once he spent $ 20,000 to treat her dog.”

According to her, she tried to end the relationship but alleges Wardak sexually assaulted her.

Wardak’s lawyer, Alexis Fields, denied Sara Goolden’s claim, saying, “She raised the issues, seeking fame and tactical advantage.”

Rape allegations on Afghan senior officials in foreign countries arise while sexual harassment has been changed to a serious internal issue and it is repeatedly said that women are being subjected to illegitimate requests by government officials in exchange with governmental job.

Meantime, two staffs of Ministry of Telecommunications were arrested from a Brothel in India two months ago.

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