AGO yet to receive complaints against candidates from ECC

KABUL: (MEP) – The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has said the electoral complaint commission (ECC) has not yet sent the complaints it received against the poll contenders.

The statement was expressed after the ECC spokesman told that the commission had already dispatched some of the complaints against the candidates for upcoming elections.

“Some of the complaints have been referred to the Attorney General’s Office and the remaining complaints are under process and they will also be dispatched to the judicial institutions,” said ECC spokesman Nadir Mohsini.

But the AGO spokesperson refuted the ECC’s statement, saying so far they have not received any complaint.

“If the electoral complaint body has received any complaints against the candidates so they need to send us those complaints as soon as possible in order that we complete the legal processes,” AGO spokesman Basir Azizi said.

7 out of the 11 Presidential candidates are said to have been accused by the citizens of violating human’s rights, murder and land usurpation.

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