After Paris And Brussels’ Bombings, Shadow Of Terrorist Attacks Hover Over Balkan

-KABUL: (MEP) Veterans Today reports, the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium created an atmosphere of extreme anxiety and fear throughout the European continent. As the security forces detained al-Bakrawi brothers —Khalid and Ibrahim— and Najm al-Sha’rawi and after further investigations, their links to the mastermind of the Paris attacks have been revealed.

Belgium’s RTB channel reported Khalid al-Bakrawi used a forged identity to rent an apartment in Brussels, where in the fingerprints of Salah Abdulsalam, the main suspect of Paris attacks, were found. The suspects have been also linked via internet to a one Bosnian extremist named Ezher Beganovic.

Beganovic is accused to be part of a terrorist network and all his other accomplices— Fatmir Alispahic, Abdusamed Nasuf Bušatlić and Semir Imamović—have been detected by Police.

This bevy of Bosnian criminals sought to recruit and propagate their radical and extremist Wahabbi ideology through social websites and forums.

Ezher Beganovic is one of the administrators of staff website, spreading hatred and religious intolerance in Bosnia.

The aforementioned terrorist clique is allegedly using several other websites, —namely Bir, Bosna-media, IslamskiTV, Minber, Soupkitschen-Bosnia, Twitter and Facebook— to inculcate their users with their fanatic and violent ideologies.

 According to Police reports, Mr. Beganovic has been sojourned in Saudi Arabia where he studied and was indoctrinated with Wahabbi dangerous ideas. With the beginning of rebellion in Syria, Beganovic frequently visited Turkey to acquire necessary military trainings and coordinate with ISIS, al-Nusra Front and other Saudi-backed terrorist organizations.

Meanwhile, the whistle-blower Wikileaks website, disclosed information regarding Beganovic activities. He is a prominent member of Bugonjo Group, a villainous gang in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which purportedly planned terrorist attacks back in 2005, killing several police officers and Croatian immigrants.


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