Afghanistan’s universities to be linked with fiber-optic internet

KABUl: (MEP) – The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has said all the universities of the country would be provided with fiber-optic internet to let them share their information with each other.

MoHE officials said efforts were underway to develop relations between the universities of Afghanistan and other countries.

“We will organize weekly conferences with the country’s universities through the internet video conference. The universities’ reports, achievements, challenges and as well as the ministry’s instructions would be shared through these conferences,” said Obaidullah Obaid, minister of higher education.

Meanwhile, the minister of information and technology said work on expansion of fiber-optic cable was going on in many provinces, Ariana news reported.

Ameerzai Sangin added the third generation (3G) internet services have been activated in 15 different provinces.

He noted efforts were underway to expand the modern technologies throughout the country.

Afghanistan’s universities to be linked with fiber-optic internet

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