Afghanistan, World Bank Sign $50m Agreement

KABUL: (MEP) – Afghanistan has signed a grant costing 50 million US dollar with World Bank for strengthening of economy and financial stability, BNA Reported.
Afghanistan Ministry of Finance and World Bank on Wednesday signed a grant agreement costing 50 million US dollar for the purpose of Afghan efforts for economic improvement and financial stability.
The grant has been provided through international development program of the World Bank.
The program “Economic improvement and financial stability” includes two phases of the grant provided for supporting policy reforms in order to organize incomes and set up conditions and proper environment for investment in various sections of economic development.
To reach the goals, the grant will provide support in various sections as customs, management of lands, extraction of mines, information technology and communication for legal reforms.
Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, Minister of Finance appreciated World Bank for its support and cooperation in this regard.
It is determined by implementing the project up to 2015, internal incomes will increase and proper environment will be further provided for private investment in various sectors as extraction of mines, information technology and communication.

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