Afghanistan Wins UN ECOSOC Membership

Shekib-MostaghniKABUL: (Middle East Press) Spokesman of Afghanistan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmad Shekeb Mostaghni said on Oct 21.2015, Afghanistan could gain membership of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) one of the UN six main organs.

Through a voting meeting in ECOSOC, Afghanistan succeeded to win 179 votes in favor from the available 188 participant nations to become the council’s member after Iraq and Vietnam.

Mostaghni addressed Afghanistan ECOSOC membership as a tribune for reflection of the country’s problems at global level and called it as a positive step towards implementation of socio-economic plans.

Touching the developments on TAPI project, Mostaghni said in a conference held in Eshqabad, Turkmenistan announced that he shares 85 percent of this projects and others share five percent each.

Mostaghni clarified that an agreement has already been inked among the four countries.

He added, a conference was held among president, national security advisor, acting Minister of Defense, Minister of Interior Affairs, Deputy MoFA for political affairs, ambassadors of foreign countries and UN representatives in Kabul.

In this conference discussion took place on recent situation of Kunduz province, as well as northern and southern provinces, recent developments and subsequent steps for improving of the countries situation.

Refusing release of details on this conference, Mostaghni promised to share its outcomes later with public. A number of socio-economic experts said that the Afghan government tries recently its best to improve living condition of the Afghan people.

Economist Saifuddin Saihoon said Afghanistan had already been ECOSOC member which is a UN active organ. As an ECOSOC member, Afghanistan will be involved in all UN activities including UNDP, UNICEF, HABITAT, etc.


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