Afghanistan Wants to Buy Russian Choppers After Moscow’s Success in Syria

1026463816KABUL: (Middle East Press) Russia’s share in the global arms market is growing, despite the increased competition. The popularity of Russian arms is increasing due to their high quality and the growth of Russia’s political authority.

Moscow’s well-prepared operation in Syria has once again demonstrated the reliability and efficiency of Russian weapons and professionalism of Russian military experts. New potential partners are establishing contact with Russia with the intention to sign arms contracts, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

The US, for its turn, has to grit its teeth tight as Washington now has to admit its geopolitical and economic failures.

The US strategists have been trying to keep the Afghan authorities under constant control, but Kabul is nevertheless turning towards Moscow. The Kabul government asked Russia to supply artillery and Mi-35 combat helicopters to fight numerous extremists, whose number significantly increased after the US military operation in the country.

The Kabul’s request is a serious blow to Washington, and the US press reacted to it immediately. Some American journalists write in their usual manner that Russia would “seize” the opportunity and create an additional reason for confrontation with the United States.

However, other media sources and experts have a more balanced view. They believe that Moscow’s new foreign policy would make the Afghan politicians view Russia as a new reliable and trusted ally in the context of Western military forces’ withdrawal from the country.


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