Afghanistan-US Reach Agreement About Main Subjects of BSA

KABUL: (MEP) – After a long and strong negotiation more than 24 hours the Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the US secretary of State John Kerry reached an agreement on Afghan-US security pact attended a joint press conference last night.

Addressing the press conference President Karzai said that they have reached agreement on important issues about the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) and we have attained written guarantees that the US in accordance with this document respects the Afghan national sovereignty, its forces will not carry on irresponsible operations, prevent civilian casualties, they will protect the life and property of the Afghans and the invasion definition was clarified that are acceptable by us, BNA reported.

He added that at these talks the foreign forces security were also taken up but we did not discuss this in details as the Loya Jirgah of the people of Afghanistan will take decision on this issue and then it will be referred to the House of People for confirmation.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry called the talks and meetings with President Karzai very important and historical and said that the US will respect Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and the demands of its people.

We want that the Afghan people live in peace and security. He added that at this security pact the US soldiers’ forgiveness is not considered, as any one commit crime they should be legally persuade and punished and we have proved this in practice as well.

Those soldiers who have committed crimes in Afghanistan, they are still jailed at the US prisons. He said that the US has forces in many countries of the world and in case of committing any crime by them they are legally pursued as per the US laws.

John Kerry stressed that if the US soldiers security issue is not solved by the Loya Jirgah, this document will not be signed by the US as well.

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