Afghanistan Must Take Action against Corrupt Officials, Says AGW

KABUL (MEP) – The US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells referring to the recent actions of the Afghan Interior Ministry, says it is important for law enforcement to take action against corrupt officials.

Recently, the Interior Ministry announced that a number of senior officials in the ministry have been arrested for drug smuggling.

Kabul Police spokesman Nusrat Rahimi stated that Mia Ahmad Ahmadi, director of counter-narcotics, was detained by the Kabul Police Command along with five other senior staff members on charges of “drug distribution.”

In response, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia Alice Wells says the presence and involvement of Afghan police officers in drug trafficking and distribution is disappointing.

Mrs. Wells wrote in post on Twitter; “Dispirited that six Afg counternarcotics police officials are allegedly involved in drug smuggling. The drug trade fuels instability and undermines good governance & development of Afghanistan’s economy.”

“Important for law enforcement to take action against corrupt officials,” she added.

This comes as US has recently announced that the rate of drug cultivation in Afghanistan has declined, but opium production has increased

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